Monday, January 21, 2008


I found out this weekend that my book beat out Harry Potter this past year at the big downtown bookstore. They sold 127 of the recent Harry Potter book, 128 of Jim Lehrer of PBS's "Eureka" (He came and did a book signing) and 240 or so of "Old Money, New South."

Today, I received a very large framed photo of Big Ben, London's trademark building, from an appreciative reader of my book and blog. She took the photo while in England with her husband three years ago. The book and blog inspired her, so she gave me the picture as a gift.

It's rather ironic that I no longer live in Chattanooga. Just as I reached a certain place as author and local expert, I got moved out of town by extenuating circumstances. The Lord has his purposes. Then again, if I hadn't been dislodged, I wouldn't have traveled to England last year, I wouldn't have started writing movie scripts, and I wouldn't have gotten Big Ben as a gift today. "All things work together . . ."

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Holly said...

Hey, how nice. Cool...

Just wanted to say I am halfway through the script and in my humble opinion, the dialogue is brilliant and captivating...loving it so far!