Friday, January 4, 2008

Heading to New Hampshire. Why Not?

My lease ended on Tuesday this week. It was Monday.

I had planned to pack my stuff in storage in Philly and head to see Mom in Florida for a few weeks (which I still plan to do). 

But then I got to thinking: I have no boss, no lease, and no wife. And the 
leader of the Free World is about to be selected six hours away in the New Hampshire primary. 
Manchester, New Hampshire, (the big red dot) is the largest city, about an hour north of Boston. I don't know anyone in New Hampshire, but I was thinking I might have some contacts in Boston. I asked around. 

I saw Paul at Arny's New Year's Eve party in Baltimore. (By the way, both Paul and Phil have been harassing me nonstop to continue blogging, so this is in their honor.)

"Hey Paul, you know anyone in Boston?"

"No, but my sister-in-law lives in Manchester."

So I'm headed up to Manchester. 

Today, I'm in New York, a half hour north of Manhattan, staying with friends at St. Vladimir's Seminary. Daniel and Nancy's student apartment overlooks a lovely lake. It's frozen. It's really cold, and I'm headed a lot further north tomorrow morning. 

I've entitled this enterprise the New South Blogger. I've been living in the North and heading further that way. Life doesn't always fit our categories. 

I will, however, be viewing the races from a more typically Southern perspective. At least, I'll be socially conservative. I plan to support Huckabee, although Ron Paul has been front and center on my radar all Fall. After being a steadfast, principled, never say die activist all my life despite the results (the South will rise again!), it's my turn to observe the political winds and jump on board. Go Huckabee!

It's a little crazy, jumping in my car on a whim and heading to New Hampshire in the freezing cold. It's even crazier to do it with two cats. That's right. Jet and Storm are along for the ride. Tabitha and Jaime and I got them this summer. The kids love them. Their mother is allergic to cats. I checked out of the apartment. The cats are on board. 

Cats and like women. They find the one most sensitive, important spot in your world, physically or emotionally, and insist on sitting there. Jet and Storm sit by the brake and gas pedal. At home, they sit on my chair and laptop. That's where the action is.

So . . . I'm headed to New Hampshire to watch the action, to help somebody good get elected, and to make some contacts for my documentary. I'll talk more about it in my next blog posting. But Hillary will have to do a lot better for it to matter. New Hampshire election night is Tuesday. By then, Jet and Storm will be looking for some more southerly geography.


Anonymous said...

not only is the lake frozen but there is an old christmas tree blowing around on the ice. good times with you dean and killer new blog dude.


Joan Marie said...

We were thinking we would get to see you walk into the restaurant anyday now. Good conversation abounds, and the cold only lasts a couple of days in the typical Chattanooga style.
Have to envy you seeing Katherine & Daniel.
Christ is Baptized! In the River!
We will do the usual swim & search for the cross this sunday. Daniel found it last year - who will this year?

The New South Blogger said...
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Dean Arnold said...

I was hoping to do it this year.

I am fetching it in spirit.

Mei said...

It is great to know you start the blog again. All the best in 2008! I might move to DC. I am negotiating an offer. Hope to see you somewhere in the east coast.

B Muller said...

Huckabee, huh. Dean, I'm disappointed in your change of heart. Dr. Ron Paul cured my apathy. Huckabee scares the crap out of me. I gotta vote for freedom on this one.

Dean Arnold said...

Yeah, I was reluctant to let go of Ron Paul. I'm thankful for his voice.

Here's the truth: he lost me at a rally I attended in Philly with a couple thousand people. He said, "In a crowd like this, there's usually a lot of Democrats!" Applause from Democrats. He did the same with Republicans, Independents, Libertarians.

Then he said, "And in a crowed like this, there's usually some anarchists!" Many applauded.

I like Ron's message, but it's not a real good idea to acknowledge the faithful anarchists in your audience. The President probably needs to have a little better judgment.

Still, I like his message, and I think he's making a very positive impact on the process.

Glen Chancy said...

Hey Dean -

Cool blog. Huckabee was a second choice for me. I voted Ron Paul, but I thought the vitriol against Huckabee was way overblown. Of course, given the actual Republican nominee, I think we can all agree that Huckabee would have been far, far superior!!!!