Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Zachster

My brother Mark has often relayed the idea that we are all only three of four relationships away from anyone in the world.

Last night, I decided I'm only one relationship away from kicking back with George W. and smoking a cigar.

After the State of the Union speech last night, President Bush came down and shook the hands of a few Supreme Court Justices. Then Congressman Zach Wamp appeared on the screen next to to the President. Zach is from Chattanooga. He bought 500 of my books in 2006 and distributed them to all his major donors. We've known each other for over 15 years.

When George W. saw him he said, "Wassup Zachster!", then grabbed his hand and slapped him on the back and moved on to more members of Congress.

That's right. Me, George, and the Zachster.

(Zach and George)

P.S. Some of you have had difficulty posted on this blog, saying it requires you to sign up with Google. But if you look just below that field you'll see an option for "Nickname" (just use your real name) or "Anonymous". Choose either one and you are good to go.

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